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UFC 145: Live Results 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT

Jones Evans

UFC 145 is finally here featuring the long awaited fight between two former friends and teammates when light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones puts his title on the line against former champion, Rashad Evans.

Follow along as we provide you round-by-round details for the entire main card. Preliminary Results are provided below.

Comments are welcome and encouraged! Enjoy the fights!

Mark Bocek vs. John Alessio

Rd1: Both fighters pawing out their range early in this one. Bocek shoots and takes hold of a single. Bocek takes Alessio to the cage tries to drag him down, knee to the thigh. Fighters trading knees . Bocek separates with a quick left but maintains clinch. Bocek able to transition and take Alessio's back and continues to deliver knees to the thigh. Bocek finally drags Alessio to the mat. Bocek opens up with some mashing elbows. More elbows follow. Alessio doing everything he can to defend, but Bocek pressing forward. Alessio trying to move out and Bocek takes his back. Bocek delivering big rights and drags Alessio to the mat flattening him out to the mat as the round nears end. 10-9 Bocek.

Rd2: Fighters trading leg kicks. Alessio lands a quick left right. Alessio looking slightly fresher on his feet. Another one two skids off Bocek's head. Bocek had enough of the combos and he rushes Alessio to the cage taking a double and taking Alessio again to the floor. Bocek begins working his ground and pound once again. Bocek escapes his leg and gets into side control, but Alessio quick to hip escape and take hold of half guard once again. Bocek delivering punishment again, but Alessio turns over and finds a way to stand to his feet and immediately starts pursuing Bocek. Body kick from Alessio and Bocek tries to return. Leg kick Bocek. Big combo from Alessio backs up Bocek, and Bocek shoots again clinch against the cage. Bocek works the fight against the cage as the round expires. Much closer round still goes to Bocek. 10-9.

Rd3: Alessio much more agressive early in this round firing away knowing he's behind on the score card. Alessio with a combo, followed by a leg kick. Alessio pressing forward. Bocek rushes Alessio, takes his back and now takes him to the mat. Bocek trying to soften up Alessio trading rights and lefts. Alessio rolls over and Bocek flattening him out. Alessio flailing trying to defend. Alessio flails and spins out. Alessio stands to his feet and again begins attacking. Front kick lands for Alessio. Big right from Bocek. Bocek again rushes, takes a double and sits Alessio against the cage. Bocek again takes Alessio's back, but Alessio escapes out the back, stands and now presses Bocek against the cage and begins with knees. Bocek transitions and turns Alessio back. to the fence. Bocek with knees to the thigh. The fighters separate and Alessio stalks Bocek and lands a couple as the bell rings. Close round goes to Alessio 10-9 while Bocek should take the fight.

Mark Bocek def. John Alessio by UD (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

Mark Hominick vs. Eddie Yagin

Rd1: Hominick pressing forward, but he's much more tentative in this fight. Yagin lands a right. Hominick jumping in with quick jabs and bouncing out. Leg kick from Yagin. Yagin more active to keep Hominick separated, but Hominick continues to bounce in with strikes. Yagin appears to have cut on his cheek. Leg kick from Yagin. Right from Yagin. Big right by Yagin dazes Hominick. Another one sinks Hominick to the mat! Yagin jumps and begins teeing off. Hominick flailing trying to gain control as Yagin tees. Hominick finally able to slow the attack. Yagin stands and lets Hominick up. Hominick looks damaged in both eyes. Yagin's deep breaths showing signs of early exhuastion. Leg kick Yagin. Left hook to the body from Hominick. Yagin attacks forward, but Hominick evades easily and then counters with his own.  Head kick from Yagin checked. Another left to Yagin's body. Close round towards the end, but Yagin takes it with early damage 10-9.

Rd2: Yagin swinging early in round 2. Hominick stalking, but Yagin swings wildly as he approaches to keep separation. Nice leg kicks from Yagin. Hominick lands a couple short lefts. Leg kick from Yagin. Yagin catches him with another right and Hominick again goes to the mat. Hominick lays and Yagin finally decides to drop into his guard. Yagin with a couple bombs from the top before settling tightly in Hominick's guard. Hominick separates a bit threatens with an upkick and uses it to stand. Jab from Hominick. Another. Hominick still attacks forward. Hominick lands a right. Yagin still throwing for the fences. Hominick working the jabs and Yagin appears to be bloodied a bit himself. Close round again we'll lean for Yagin for nearding a finish. 10-9.

Rd3: Yagin cheers for the crowd to get amped up in this one. Round three following in suit as Hominick attacks and Yagin wings out wild bombs. Hominick with a nice combo. Hominick's footwork appears as fresh as the first round. Nice body shot from Hominick. Left lands for Yagin. Hominick presses forward and lands a right. Hominick with a left. Hominick now finding a home for his combos and trades in a body shot. Yagin moving his head, but not evading much damage. Hominick with a jab. Hominick chasing Yagin and again Yagin lands a heavy right but this time Hominick holds composure and continues his attack. Yagin throwing everything, kitchen sink soon to follow, nothing landing. Hominick another jab. Hominick now taking care of business. Huge shot from Hominick sends Yagin to the cage. Hominick follows up with a quick attack, but Yagin still walking around. Body shot from Hominick. Hominick takes the round 10-9 easy and follows it up with some push-ups. Close fight to call.

Eddie Yagin def. Mark Hominick by SD (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Miguel Torres vs. Michael McDonald

Rd1: Miguel fires forward, Mike fires up top nothing lands. Torres left jab. Mike presses forward with big combinations backing Torres to the cage. Mike swinging violently but Torres able to escape and they reset to the center. Torres pawings away and Mike trying to find home for his big right. Michael swinging caught Torres with a nice upercut. Miguel sinks, and Michael lands another uppercut, tees off and the fight is called off quickly! Nice first round finish for Michael McDonald.

Michael McDonald def. Miguel Torres by KO 3:18 Rd1.

Brendan Schaub vs. Ben Rothwell

Rd1: Rothwell circling while Schaub loading up. Rothwell comes in, Schaub winds up, both men swing for the fences. Schaub clinches takes the fight to the fence. Rothwell clinch, misses a knee. Schaub spinning back elbow crushes Rothwell sends him backwards. Schaub presses forward to attack, but Rothwell right uppercut, left hook sinks Schaub. Rothwell chases to tee off, but Herb Dean quick to stop this one!

Ben Rothwell def. Brendan Schaub by KO 1:10 Rd1.

Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills

Rd1: Leg kick from Che. High kick misses from Rory. Both fighters edging in with a jab. Leg kick from Mills. Another. Mills stalking forward. Lands a big right and has Rory against the cage. Rory tossing jabs, Mills throws bombs. Che hurts Rory, Rory takes ahold of Mills and drags him to the mat. Che hammers from the ground. Rory postures up and begin laying in bombs. Rory with a big hammerfist. Rory into side control. Rory is punishing Mills. Mills pulls Rory closer to control the fight, but Rory moves to the side and mashes his head with his elbow. Rory takes ahold of a mounted crucifix. Rory starts feeding Mills more punishing rights from the crucifix position. Plenty of time left in this round. Mills tries to buck to his feet, but Rory quickly pushes him back to the mat. Mills face is swelling atrociously. Rory steps over into full mount. Mills bucks over and ROry now takes his back. Big bombs continue from Mills. Rory leans in for a rear naked but not enough time. Rory delivers a big elbow to end the round. 10-9 easy for Rory.

Rd2: Mills swinging, Rory easily grabs a single and tosses Mills to the mat. Rory immediately starts throwing fists and then sinks into side control. Rory looking for crucifix, trades off for full mount instead. Mills again turns and gives up his back. Rory punishing Mills and all Che can do is turn to try and escape. Rory teeing off, and Mills can no longer defend and this fight is all over. Impressive victory for Rory!

Rory McDonald def. Che Mills by TKO 2:20 Rd2.

Jon Jones  vs. Rashad Evans

Rd1:  Jones comes forward, Rashad flinches. Jones again to the body and it backs up Evans. Leg kick from Jones. Head kick slaps Evans face. Body kick from Jones. Rashad attacks forward and Jones uses the opportunity for a knee to the body. Jones misses an overhand right and Rashad with a counter combination. Leg kick from Jones. Another kick slaps Rashad's face and a kick to the body. Leg kick from Jones. Rashad catches a kick from Jones, but Jones escapes. Another high kick just missing. Jones looking for a big uppercut. Rashad with a nice leg kick. Body kick from Jones. Superman punch just misses for Jones and Jones finishes with a pair of body kicks. Left hook from Jones. Big right just misses. Shot to the body from Jones. Head kick from Rashad. Rashad chasing Jones and lands a shot. Jones with a headkick. Jones clinch and starts with knees. 10-9 Jones.

Rd2: Fighters clinch. Knees from Evans to Jones' midsection. Joens with a left hook on the separation. Leg kick Jones. Both fighters swinging near misses. Front kick barely misses Evans' face. Body kick from Jones. Jones attacks backing Evans up to the cage and Evans taunts Jones as he escapes. Jones spinning back kick misses and Rashad uses it to rush him but Jones stays on his feet. Leg kick from Evans. Head kick from Jones checked. Both men land stiff jabs. Body shot from Evans. Another. Jones with a nice elbow. Leg kick from Evans. Body kick from Evans as Jones pushes him off. Another big elbow from Jones. Another elbow shakes Evans up and he wobbles away. Another big elbow and they clinch. Jones breaks and elbows again before clinching once more. Knee to the thigh from Jones. Another elbow at break from Jones. Body kick from Jones. Leg kick from Evans. Another elbow to the face from Jones and another. Another huge elbow from the champion. Evans misses a wild shot. Flying knee by Jones and a big right followed with a solid left hook to end the round! Solid performance for the champion!

Rd3: Jones misses a head kick and Evans misses a couple shots. Evans lands a big right and follows it with a big taunt. Jones with a missed superman punch. Rashad seems to be floating with confidence over that one strike. Leg kick from Evans. Overhand right from Jones is checked. Leg kick from Jones. Big high kick checked but still slaps Evans. Evans with a body shot follows it with a jab. Leg kick. Jones with a jab. Jones flying knee, followed with a nice elbow. Kick to the body. Knee kick. Another flying knee as Evans lands a right. Both men swing wildly, Evans lands a left hook. Body kick from Jones. Jab from Jones. Leg kick from Evans. Another. Jones closing in the distance, Evans pushes him off and circles out. Jones with the clinch. Front kick from Jones. Body shot from Rashad. Headkick misses for Jones, spinning back kick barely hits Rashad's body. Jones catches Evan's kick and tries to toss him as the round closes. 10-9 Jones.

Rd4: Jones with a left jab. Spinning back elbow misses as Rashad evades. Rashad clinches. Knee from Jones to the body. Jones breaks. Leg kick from Evans and Jones counters with a jab. Leg kick from Jones. Jones with some left hooks. Rashad with a left. Leg kick from Jones. Rashad presses forward, Jones grabs a loose guillotine and Evans pulls away. Elbow from Jones. Rashad again forward right into Jones' clinch. Shoulder butt to Evans' chin. Again. Jones shoots for a takedown as the round expires. 10-9 Jones.

Rd5: Both men with a little more movement in this round. Jones front kick misses. Uppercut from Jones is blocked. Leg kick from Evans. Evans with a right to the body. Jones walks forward not fearing at all. Big right from Jones. High kick for Jones. Spinning backfist from Evans misses. Jones with a high knee and a clinch to the cage. Shoulder butt from Jones. Another. Jones breaks with a left. Leg kick from Jones. Jones with a knee stomp. Jones clinches. Shoulder butt, another,  and another. Jones sweeps Evans to the matt, pounces on top with an elbow but Evans is quick to stand. Joens chases him to the cage and throws a big knee to the thigh. Shoulder butt again. Jones breaks with twenty-five seconds remaining. Body kick from Evans. Jones jumps up and pulls Evans into his full guard and the round ends with both men swinging. 10-9 and a solid sweep for Jones.

Jon Jones def. Rashad Evans by UD (49-46, 49-46, 50-45).

Jones: Most Satisfying Victory... Who I beat was very important to me... Goal to finish this fight; hats off to Rashad.

Evans: ...Give him props... Got to give it up to him... Sneaky elbows that kept getting in there... I'll get better... long career ahead of me... build my way back up to the top again.



Marcus Brimage def. Maximo Blanco by SD (28-29, 30-27, 29-28).

Chris Clements def. Keith Wisniewski by SD (28-29, 29-28, 30-27).

Mac Danzig def. Efrain Escudero by UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Anthony Njokuani def. John Makdessi by UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Matt Brown def. Stephen Thompson by UD (30-27, 29-27, 30-27).

Travis Browne def. Chad Griggs by submission 2:29 Rd1.

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