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UFC 141: Overeem/Lesnar Predictions and Comparisons to JDS


MMA:30 recently caught up with UFC fighters Frank Mir, Urijah Faber, Wanderlei Silva, Joseph Benavidez and Dan Henderson to talk about the December 30th match-up between Alistair Overeem and Brock Lesnar. The fighters gave their predictions on the heavyweight contender fight and also gave insight as to who is the better striker between Overeem and UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos.

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  1. Bob

    Joseph Benavidez has a really cool giant chair.

  2. Chris

    Urijah couldn't be more wrong. The kickboxer will always win. You can't box if your legs have been kicked to shit.

  3. Mark

    lol or he is very small

  4. pero

    wow , many fighters are really stupid but urijah faber is even more

  5. Jeff

    @chris, what Urijah means that in mma with both guys having skills of kicking and boxing the one with better boxing skills would win, ever hear of checking a kick, but someone with faster better trained hands would win...we are talking mma right.

  6. Jeff

    I guess you could really answer that by saying how many guys have been finished with leg kicks versus how many guys have been finished via KO-punch? KO hands down...:)

  7. Jeff

    @pero really, urijah is stupid, you obviously dont know him and there is a reason why he is one of the most marketable fighter numbnuts..loosen that gi and get some blood flow back.

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